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CloudFest 2022 » THE Cloud Computing Conference And Agenda


The neighborhood specialists have given CloudFest the approval. So assuming that you are anticipating working on your associations in the cloud and facilitating industry, prepare yourself and register for the #1 cloud Infrastructure occasion on the planet to be held in Europa Park, Germany, from March 22-24, 2022.

Well-known specialists and devotees have been welcomed worldwide to talk in the CloudFest and share their exploration and information with the ones hoping to grow their business or mastery in the industry. 

Just a couple of months left to the Cloud processing gathering, and the plan for the CloudFest 2022 has been uncovered, and they are the most exciting. 

The Intelligent Edge

Till Eisenberg, CIMON Project Manager at Airbus Defense is the feature speaker of the Intelligent Edge who will talk on the best way to interface with cloud administrations at the International Space Station. 

Along with other industry pioneers sharing their encounters of strolling the Edge, you can find and glean some significant experience about the effect and benefits of the Internet of Things and Personal Technology.

With Edge being found generally all over the place, the innovation expects to carry figuring nearer to the individuals who request it. 

This conversation will be best for those keen on observing how Edge functions and the capability of the innovation in the impending times. 

The Sustainable Cloud

 Along with different specialists who will examine the significance of zero-squander green server farms, Dr. Wolfgang Oels, COO at Ecosia, will discuss the Regenerative Cloud. 

Here you will track down bits of knowledge on the most proficient method to dominate and grow a business in the business while guaranteeing that the climate stays safeguarded for the following ages to come. 

Find out how green server farms are the method for assisting with your expense construction and how to beat the different difficulties while progressing in the Cloud Industry. 

Our Digital Future

At CloudFest 2022, industry pioneers and trend-setters from around the world will meet up to assemble a more itemized and sharp perspective on what’s in store for the world. 

The speakers will examine and make answers for the hardships individuals face while moving towards digitization. 

The business pioneers and the specialists of the CloudFest people group will share their encounters, contextual investigations, disclosures, examinations, and patterns to observe a solution to the inquiries of the advanced future together. 

Here is the rundown of remarkable speakers who will be available at the Cloud Computing Conference and the motivation behind why you ought not miss out.

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster-Professor of AI and CEA at DFKI German Research Center For Artificial Intelligence
  • Prof. Yuval Noah Harari – Historian, Philosopher, and Author
  • Dr. Wolfgang-OELS COO Ecosia
  • Till Eisenberg – CIMON, Project Manager, Airbus Defense and Space
  • Sonja Pierer – Business Consumption Director, Intel
  • Maria Vaquero-Innovation Manager, Cloud & Heat​ Technologies
  • Thorsten Willer-Senior Consultant, Computacenter
  • Chiara Grossi-Chief Marketing Officer, WIIT
  • Guillaume Hochart-Production Director, OVHCloud
  • Burt Kaliski jr. – Senior Vice President and CTO, Verisign
  • David Mason – Director of Channel Success Sitelock
  • Elisabeth Kurek – VP of Cloud Marketing, IONOS

There are numerous other superb speakers. Check out the further astonishing subtleties and register for the Cloud Conference through the authority CloudFest site. 


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