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Website Speed ​​Optimization Guide


Website speed: A slow website can have an impact on all facets of your company. Fewer purchases are caused by more views. Customers are not content in general. It undermines efforts at search engine optimization (SEO). Google has acknowledged that their algorithm takes page speed into account. Your web crawlers won’t be able to index everything if your website doesn’t load quickly enough. We’ll go through several essential techniques to speed up your website below:

The best hosting package for your requirements

new website owners frequently choose not to :

Public hosting Plans for 3 factors: (*) It’s the cheapest here. The majority of server upkeep is restricted to

web hosting companies

To make things easier, all of the maintenance activities that you are in charge of are hosted through a server administration tool (such as cPanel, Webmin, and DirectAdmin). However, based on your requirements for web hosting, you could have to host VPS.

such as Dedicated Server. Your website or at the very least your database will expand along with your business’s needs. Here are some of the most typical justifications for needing at least Linux VPS hosting: access as root (admin) for particular web applications For resource-intensive applications, dedicated servers or database storage are recommended.

Database management system MongoDB

) Nearby site for server hosting

Contrary to popular belief, the placement of your Linux server is crucial. Yes, we will talk about methods for reducing related latency problems. But as with audio editing and music creation, it’s better to start there.

The optimal server placement for Small to Medium Business (SMB) owners is close to your target market. You can obtain any level of detail you desire, whether it is by country, region, or city. We provide options for either the East Coast or the West Coast of the US. Numerous companies have data centers in both Asia and Europe.

If you are unable to find a hosting company It’s not a big deal if it’s around your location or target demographic. Once more, heeding this advise may help to prevent certain performance problems in the future. program for caching servers Applications for caching typical server requests enable users and remote systems to receive these requests more quickly. Serving precompiled pages from PHP-based content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento is a common use case for server caching.

There are three significant caching suites that you should take into account in your Linux server configuration to maximize website speed.


Our in-house developed caching solution, UltraStack, consists of four carefully crafted programs that improve website speed.

A more recent compression algorithm than gzip is called brotli.

Data is stored in RAM rather than on a disk using Redis, which stands for Remote Dictionary Server.

PHP-FPM, also known as PHP-FastCGI Process Manager, is a tool that enhances the speed of PHP applications.


A web server that may be configured as a reverse proxy server is NGINX. In order to speed up loading on the user’s device, the data is cached on various servers or spots on a single server.

The transition from server settings to website and app is now complete. It’s simple to enhance with mod deflate or mod gzip compression.

the speed at which your website loads Before being served to the user, the data is compressed using a few lines of code in the.htaccess file. Particularly for users with slow internet connections, your website will load more quickly. Remember that this will just decrease your bandwidth and perhaps increase server load in order to improve performance.

The Expires header instructs the web browser to store particular item kinds (such as photos, PDFs, Flash, and others) for a protracted period of time since they are not likely to change regularly. Returning users won’t have to wait for the viewed page to refresh as a result. Naturally, the result also depends on the local storage preferences of the user. This is one of those instances where the user’s experience will determine how quickly your website loads. You will gain from generating an.htaccess template file that incorporates both configuration codes if you complete a lot of web design tasks. To check your setup, you can use a third-party HTTP compression test. Enhance for big files

It’s alluring to have high-resolution photos and movies on your website in the age of visual culture. Users with sluggish internet speeds may notice a negative impact on their user experience (UX) as a result. Remember that every frame of this video must be scaled and rendered between this 3GB 5K quality MPEG-4 file and the user. And so does this stunning high-resolution image. There are two approaches to solving this issue.

Scaled-down copies of big files

Using CSS or JavaScript, you can create scaled copies of huge picture or video assets that are integrated on your website. JPEG is advised for image compression. For video, MP4 and WEBM work well. The original can then be opened in a new tab by linking to this scaled duplicate. For this, WordPress users frequently integrate the EWWW image optimizer. To turn a video from a video editor or media converter like HandBrake into a web-optimized version, submit it separately.

Use outside hosting

To save space, photographers can use image hosting platforms like Flickr, Imgur, and others. You can save time and storage space by using video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo, and others that handle conversions and performance internally. You can, of course, always include content from the most widely used social media platforms.

Caching for Web Applications

Native caching features are available in many well-known web applications, including Joomla, Drupal, and Grav. You may also install third-party connectors for several of them. W3 Total Cache is our top recommendation for WordPress users (W3TC). The setting or integration of other functions on this list is typically required for caching functions.

W3TC’s options for improving site speed W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin features a few caching options.

code reduction

Yes, a lot of the techniques described here can be used with third-party modules, plugins, or plugins. However, a lot of website owners add connectors that are unneeded or even undesirable. I got it. It’s wonderful to know that adding complicated features only requires a few clicks. If there are too many, though, you can also add delays and security flaws.

HTML and CSS should be minified by web developers. Typically, this basically entails getting rid of whitespace, unused code, and outdated external components like Bootstrap and JQuery.

CMS administrators should look at the quantity of “installed plugins” or anything else your app may refer to. A well-known blogger previously discovered that plugins were directly responsible for 87% of the load times on her website. She was able to reduce the site’s load time from 4.3 seconds to 1.3 seconds by deleting just four WordPress plugins.

Keep in mind that site speed can be impacted by both the quantity and quality of plugins. Even though you just have three plugins, if they all contribute several scripts and background operations, it will be difficult to speed up your website.

Similar to the add-ons you install, your theme package could have a negative effect on how well your website functions. A theme’s aesthetic appeal does not automatically imply that it has acceptable HTML validation, SEO, accessibility, or UX.

The general rule is that simplicity is preferable. Although attractive, animations slow down loading.

creation of static websites

You can skip this if you use Jekyll, Bashblog, or another static site generator (SSG). This is appropriate for dynamic websites where server requests are processed instantly from many sources like databases and PHP. You can turn a dynamic website into a static one, albeit we won’t broach the subject of static vs. dynamic websites very often. When done correctly, this can be one of the few site speed enhancements you require if your website lacks interactive features like a comment section or contact form.

The procedure is easy.

Find a trustworthy static website generator. Your method and technical knowledge (For instance, the static suite Drupal module, the Simply Static WordPress plugin, or wget for end users)

Utilizing SSG on static HTML pages, copy the entire website (*) put static HTML packages on a different server or directory

file organization as necessary for public access

look for console problems in web browsers


Network for delivering content (CDN) (*) A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an outside service that rapidly speeds up your website by storing your web pages on numerous servers all over the world. The most well-known illustration is Cloudflare. might become more well-known as HTTP/3 spreads more widely. Many of the other strategies on this list can be covered by CDNs, much like integrations can. Some have the ability to serve as web application firewalls (WAFs).

Firewall for Web Applications (WAF)

By placing a Web Application Firewall (WAF) via DNS in front of your website, you may shield your data and server resources from network attacks such as brute force and distributed denial of service (DDoS). As a result, the website’s speed is subsequently increased. WAF is capable of supporting CDN features.

Complex solutions like a Sucuri WAF service or a separate cloud server with pfSense or ModSecurity can be used for this.

standard web security

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) protocols can be classed as improvements to server and website security that also include backups. They could make the server load heavier if not handled properly. However, by ensuring that resources are allocated to legitimate end users rather than botnets or reverse shells, they will enhance website speed. Both unmanaged Linux servers and cPanel servers offer backup instructions in our tutorials.

Keep in mind to schedule antivirus backup and scan at a slower time to avoid affecting user experience.



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