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How to Install Checkmk Agent on Windows Server


You can follow the steps below to install Checkmk Agent on Windows Server. Make sure you have downloaded check_mk_agent.msi in one of two ways:

  1. https://FQDN-CHECKMK/checkmk/check_mk/agents/windows/check_mk_agent.msi
  2. Manually in WATO – Configuration – Monitoring Agent Download – check_mk_agent.msi

Once done,
Install the check_mk_agent.msi file and add default settings. you will have
Select the Install and start the service option. and enter “Next”.

Now you need to check if checkMKService is running
or not.

PS C:> Get-Service |? name - something like "CheckMkService"
Status name Display name
------ ---- ---- ------------
Run CheckMkService to check if the MK service 

can check if the TCP port is listening

 PS C:> Get-NetTCPConnection | ? {($_.State -eq "Listen") -and ($_.LocalPort -eq "6556 ")}

LocalAddress LocalPort RemoteAddress RemotePort Status AppliedSetting OwningProcess
------------ --------- ------------- ------------ ----- - ------------- ------------- 6556 0 listen 4852

Now allows incoming TCP 6446 if Windows Firewall is

# Allow incoming TCP 6556
 New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "In-TCP-6556" -Description "CheckMK Agent" -Direction Inbound -Protocol TCP -LocalPort 6556 -Action Allow 

How to add Windows host to Checkmk Dashboard

You can do this do navigate to WATO – Configuration – Hosts –
Create a new host and enter the hostname and IP address of the Windows server
check_MK proxy once you’ve checked.

Now select “Save and Go to Services”. After saving, select the service (filesystem space, network interface, and whatever you like) and press “change” at the top.

Check_MK Discovery Rule can be disabled globally by setting; WATO – Configuration – Host – Hostname – Parameters and click “Periodic Service Discovery” as it will automatically identify all unmonitored services and issue a warning message.

You can edit it by selecting “Do not perform periodic service discovery checks” and select “Periodically” for service discovery. Therefore, your dashboard will not display any warning messages after editing.

If you need help installing Checkmk Agent on Windows Server, click here –

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